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Summer Starts Here!

I’ve been busy during lockdown even though I have been furloughed I have been using the time productively! Idle hands are the devils work, so they say… If you have been following my social media channels you will see I have posted various design sketches and a few garments I created from sketch to toile and actually created the garments by hand stitching on my personal sewing machine.

I am very proud of this latest garment, it looks beautiful and definitely on trend. The colour-way is summer personified and the pattern is versatile enough for summer cocktails with the girls or a more formal night out.

I have enjoyed this opportunity to show my creativity and designing an outfit from scratch. The process is that I would sketch out my ideas then use illustrator to digitise them. Then I would create the toiles or patterns and finally sew the actual garment. To me, this is real fashion design. It’s the reason I became a fashion designer and pattern cutter! Using your own imagination to create beautiful garments is a real buzz for me.

I have always felt clothes identify people and their personalities. I go to different shops for clothes and they have beautiful outfits but these don’t always match my personality. I want clothes that allow me to express myself and how I personally identify with myself. How do I want the world to see me?

So, I make my own designs and create outfits that reflect my personality perfectly. When I see the finished garment, they really make me feel confident about myself and a new outfit should make everyone feel great about themselves. I know I’ve mentioned on many occasions that I am deaf, but I want to show everyone that I can take my ideas put them on to Illustrator and make them become a reality.

So, this outfit with the collar, dress, shorts and hat is my finished product. After all the required adjustments I had to make to get the perfect fit, that is me, that is who I am. I feel positive for the future, I feel happy the sun is shining and I feel confident in myself. I think you will agree; my outfit shows all those things...

These designs have kept me positive during this difficult time! I will continue to produce more, I have more designs coming that are fantastic. So, watch this space! Thanks.

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