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DeafAbility, What is it?

I started DeafAbility to promote deaf awareness and highlight accessibility. I want to show the world that the deaf community has so much to offer in Society. If we have a little awareness and some accessibility, we can be successful in our chosen careers.

In my regular feature blogs I will show you my journey (day in the life) as a deaf fashion designer / pattern cutter. I will show other successful members of the deaf community (inspirational deaf people) and I will explain the difficulties we face and the effects these constant barriers can have on a persons mental health and determination. Imagine if you always had problems and people telling you no... When a solution comes along you can be so downhearted that you miss the opportunity.

You may also get the occasional blog about my lovely Siberian Husky Jasper. What a beautiful boy! I make no apologies, Jasper is a big part of my life and I love him. He helps me get over any downs I may feel and he helps me get out of the house and enjoy the fresh air.

Anyway, back to DeafAbility, I am hosting an event on 24th September 2019 to celebrate International Week of the Deaf. The event will be co-hosted by myself and the Being_Her twins. We will be talking about successes and failures, how can a deaf person with a passion find a path to success? Perseverance is a must, the right support is important and understanding you are different and the hearing world will need to make some small allowances but great returns are possible.

How do you know, if you don't try... So, come along, learn something and be inspired! You are not alone, you can achieve your dreams but it won't be easy.

Tickets for the event are free but limited so, book up quick!

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