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Special Day Deserves a Special Wedding Dress

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

When Harry proposed to my sister Lynne and she has asked me to design her wedding dress, I was a little worried. It's obviously a very special day and wedding dresses are notoriously difficult to design. I had to focus myself to design the perfect dress for my sisters perfect day. When she showed me a picture of the dress she liked, I was pleased because the dress looked fabulous until I realised the fabric she wanted was stretch mesh with embroidery. Difficult! I worked on the pattern making and measurements to get the perfect fit on her. It begins with calico for toile to try on her and also working on a mannequin to check the length of dress and long trail with the pleat inverted.

Myself, my sister and our mum decided on fabrics and trimming after a trip to Dublin, where we visited the Hickey on St Connell’s Street for research. Most important decisions are difficult but it took us so long to make a decision on which lace and silk satins to use. We ordered about 7 metres and the work could finally begin... It was hard work to sew by hand and pin all the seams for sewing and I made two paper to become sandwich on inside of lace and satin to sewing together to prevent the stretch, to keep the skirts in good shapes.

After I had completed the wedding dress and on the eve of the wedding itself, was incredibly stressful! My sister stressed about the wedding and the dress itself and had lost weight. So, I had to re-design the pattern making to fit, what a challenge but I enjoyed it and it was worth it in the end.

On the day of the wedding I was probably just as nervous as Lynne was, I was hoping the dress stays as it was designed and kept its structure. I was worried about the inverted pleat, I was worried about the tail. I was worried about the wedding itself. Fingers crossed everything went to plan...

I didn't need to worry! The wedding was fantastic, it went smooth as silk and everybody had a great time. My dress lasted the day perfectly and still looks fantastic to this day!

What a day and what an experience. I can tell everybody that designing a wedding dress is stressful and difficult, even more so if you are designing one for your sister.

This was the second wedding dress I have designed and while be stressful the level of satisfaction I got when everything worked out perfectly was enormous. After all I am a designer and these challenges are what I live for. If you would like a bespoke wedding dress designed for your special day please contact me...

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