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As a freelance Fashion Designer, I also offer Pattern Cutter Services. I can provide a pattern-making and toile sewing service for individuals or established companies.

I can create patterns manually, by hand or digitally using the Vetigraph system (CAD).


As you will have seen from my portfolio, I love to use printed fabrics in my designs with classic lines and classy fabrics and seasonal and refreshing colour palette's. These are my preferences but my skills are transferable to my clients needs. I like to follow trends in my work while making sure all patterns are accurate and tailored to each client's specifications.

Based on the border of East London and Essex, I can easily travel to London for meetings to discuss design ideas. I can develop patterns quickly and with minimum waste. Having a background in High Street fashion house I understand the need to minimise wastage of time, fabric and procedures.

Being a professional Pattern Cutter with many years experience in the trade working with High Street brands such as; H&M, ASOS White and Boohoo I will give the creative and technical support needed to ensure your designs come to life.


I can take your initial design sketch or photograph and create your pattern while adding technical specifications and measurement charts to achieve your finished project, ready for your production to begin.

I have an industrial sewing machine and can create toiles for your team to check your specific measurements and see how the garments fit. I can also hand sew if appropriate. 

Obviously, as a Freelance Designer, I have my own style and preference for fabrics. If desired I can provide design input or simply work from your own preferences and/or specifications.

I look forward to working with you as a good designer is only as good as her last project. Inspiration is a two-way street and I am happy to provide some but also realise that I can receive great inspiration from working with great people and ideas.

For further information or price requests, please contact me.

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