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Help the NHS Save Lives!

If everyone contributes what they can to help the NHS save lives, then we can all hold our heads high when we finally beat COVID-19.

I have collaborated with Nicky Cook to assist in the manufacture of NHS Scrubs. We have attached the spec sheets as PDF, ready to download for FREE.

Conscientious Design

Makes a Beautiful World


I collaborated with Nicky Cook to create these FREE spec sheets for NHS scrubs. We hope manufacturers will use these 'patterns' to produce much-needed apparel for the NHS.

I was introduced to Nicky by Herve at the Vetigraph team. She has established her own design and pattern cutting studio in South East London.

Check out her excellent work here.


Scrub Top Sketch

Scrub Top Preview

Scrub Top A4 Pattern


Patch Pocket Trousers Sketch

Patch Pocket Trousers Preview

Patch Pocket Trousers Pattern 

We are all trying to do what we can to help the NHS save lives!


Let me Know...

I would love to know what other freelance designers are doing to help the NHS and if any designers would like to collaborate to help the NHS with much-needed Personal Protection Equipment please contact me. I would also like to point attention towards the HSE the Irish Health Service and if anyone needs my advice or help providing support please contact me.

Also if manufacturers would like to contact me directly I would love to hear from you. Idle hands are the Devils work. I like keeping busy and creatively challenged so please contact me directly.

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