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Floral Dreams Collection

I am an independent designer and I would describe myself as unpredictable, unconventional and although not a total rebel, more like a secret rebel. I take inspiration from life, interior design and architecture, I try to constantly evolve my vision of femininity. Being a designer: illustration is a key ingredient and this expertise shows in my pieces. My colour palette is cool (blues and teal) displaying the elements of calmness, truth and being at peace. I adore prints for my designs and especially floral prints which add to the the femininity. 


I take inspiration from nature and this collection was inspired by the thoughts of 'feeling a cool breeze against my skin'. This sensation gives me a sense of tranquility, which I wanted to express in this collection. Being deaf and being indoors all the time makes me feel isolated, I like the the sights and smells of being in nature and my lovely dog Jasper helps me escape and clear my mind to be able to express myself.

My pieces often incorporate folds, drapes, pleats and exquisite detailing - which gives the attitude and rebellious tone I'm trying to express but with the all important twist of sophistication. I like to design stylish, sophisticated dresses that every woman can wear.


London Graduate Fashion Show

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