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DeafAbility is very important to me. I set it up to promote the achievements of members of the deaf community. Also, I'd like to highlight the difficulties a deaf person faces in a hearing world. There are many barriers but with a little awareness and willingness these difficulties can be greatly eased.

The deaf community has great potential and the necessary skills and endeavour to be successful. The stories of achievement are usually because of great determination in face of many obstacles. If the obstacles were smoothed out then these stories of success would not be so rare...

I have achieved many things in my short life but I have also had many failures and life is difficult. I had to leave my family in Ireland because the accessibility and the Government initiatives such as Access to Work are not available in Ireland. I miss my family every day and wish I could be a Fashion Designer back home but I am determined to succeed.

I will be writing regularly blogs highlighting issues, people and events that effect the deaf community. I will also be writing about my journey in the Fashion World. So, please follow my blogs as they will be varied and informative.

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