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Welcome to my World! I am a fashion designer, freelance pattern cutter and part time blogger. My blog DeafAbility is about promoting deaf awareness and highlighting the achievements and difficulties faced by the deaf community in the hearing world. 

I am deaf myself and have been from birth. I am the only deaf person in my family and I must admit I have struggled with this fact. It is difficult to feel like everyone understands exactly what I am thinking or experiencing. My family have encouraged and supported me and I am extremely determined to be successful in the fashion Industry. Please view the documentary below that highlights the difficulties the deaf community face everyday in the workplace and gaining recognition in the workplace.

I am a freelance designer and I absolutely adore print in my designs, I love classic lines with classy fabrics and believe these don't have to be monotone or boring colour palette's. I have been fortunate in my career so far, I had the opportunity to display my designs during the London Graduate Fashion Week in 2012.


I will be creating my own label and designs so keep posted as my website will display up to  date progress and images from my latest works...

Documentary: London Calling

Documentary: London Calling

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